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The BA's Christian Science Nurses Training School uses the Christian Science Nursing Arts (" CSNA") Training Program in assistance of devoted members of The Mother Church who are preparing to represent themselves as a Christian Science nurse. The training addresses preparation for and securing a practice in this spiritual ministry that meets the basic and requirements of the Church Manual By-law "Christian Science Nurse." (See Church Manual by our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, Art.

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31.)  Check For Updates  of Christian Science nursing is taught in the class and supported in practice with mentored direction in this holy work. In addition to the CSNA Training Program, individual CSNA courses and workshops are used regularly for Christian Science nurses listed in the Christian Science Journal. "When I was considering [taking training at] the Benevolent Association, I didn't know a lot about Christian Science nursing.

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I am a various individual today because of my understanding and love for Christian Science nursing. It has assisted me to grow individually, spiritually, in my church work, and in my relationships with others. The Christian Science Nursing Arts training has brought much 'to my love and gratitude for Christian Science." A graduate of the CSNA Training Program.

Welcome to the 2009 Autumn edition of Vision Now! We are pleased you have actually joined us here, and we are anticipating seeing a number of you at the 9th International Christian Science Nursing Conference, "Dwelling in the Light", on Sept. 16th through the 20th at Cedar, S Camps in Lebanon, Missouri.

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Interviews and articles by individuals who have worked as Directors of Christian Science Nurses Training Schools and training or teaching experiences shared by Christian Science nurses are all part of this edition. It is evident from these, that as we serve, we enjoy the true blessing of constant spiritual development and education.

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What is Christian Science Nursing? Christian Science nurses offer skilled, practical care grounded in the spiritual healing method of Christian Science found by Mary Baker Eddy in 1866. The Christian Science nurse's standard of care rests directly on the Bible, particularly the 10 Rules, the mentors of Christ Jesus, and the works of Mary Baker Eddy.